I’m an Italian native speaker and I've been living in the UK for three years. I studied English, Spanish and Italian Literature for three years, then moved to England and worked as a freelance interpreter for a few restaurants as the staff was mainly Italian and Middle Eastern.

Before coming to England, I used to listen to English audio recordings, translate and retype them in Italian for a dubbing company in Milan.
I helped tourists, mostly English, when I was still living in Italy and now I’m helping Italians who want to visit the UK.

So far I've been mainly working for Italian clients on a wide and varied range of projects. From patent specification translations in the chemical/biotechnology technical field and firms' presentations to translating economic articles, video transcriptions and more.

I have good audio and video transcription skills, I can adapt any kind of text while maintaining its original meaning and tone. I’m very meticulous when reading or writing and I always strive for perfection.

In my free time I like to keep practising my skills, especially when it comes to listening, transcribing and translating. Keeping  myself up to date to ensure I can provide excellent quality and reliable translations  is my number 1 priority.  


I also offer my services as a liaison interpreter, transcriber, copywriter and  proofreader. 

If you’re looking for someone who can professionally and efficiently translate any text for a reasonable price, then I would love to hear from you!